Nabilah marriage on the sea
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Nabilah Luxury Beach Venue


A perfect romantic setting where your dreams come true.

All our best tales begin with a golden beach and a beautiful bride dressed in white … Luis Sepulveda said: “When you enter the arch of entry to the temple of dreams, there, right there, there is the sea …”

To swear eternal love before the endless blue of the sea is a true dream, a dream of love. Iwmagine the scene … You, in your wonderful white chiffon dress, walk on the long carpet of golden sand and flowers while, at the altar, the love of your life awaits you. A marvelous sunset with changing colors in all shades of blue, pink and orange, is the background to the painting of love that portrays you in the most beautiful moment of your life. To frame, a magnificent altar made with a wooden gazebo enriched with light fabrics of georgette and pastel colored flowers.

Because love is simplicity, but at the same time the refinement of small things … the details. Moving slowly, the sea breeze will gently caress your face whispering to your ears love notes, while suffused sunrays will light up your eyes excited and full of joy. In the background, the melodic sound of the sweet and monotonous reflection of the waves on the beach.

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