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“It is only in the mysterious equations of love that every logical reason can be found. I am here thanks to you. You are the reason I exist. You are all my reasons. “(A Beautiful Mind)

The moment when two souls swear by their own religion and the eternal love law, is the most emotional moment of marriage. It is a conjunction of souls, it is love that triumphs … as the rite of sand teaches. The origins of the sand ritual are very ancient, dating back to the Native American tribes. It is one of the most exciting rituals, which represents the conjunction of two lives in one and the union of two souls in a journey of love to travel together, for a lifetime. This rite represents the future life together, the fusion of two elements (like the colored sand that is used, which mixes and forms a drawing of colors), two souls; United forever like sand, which can never separate.   Like these grains of sand that will never separate again, you and your family will always remain united.

At Nabilah there is a space for every kind of ritual … and for every romantic emotion.

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